John M. Tatum, MD
Optimal Health & Learning Center

A holistic approach to healing & personal growth.

Dr. Tatum is a psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy, wellness, and optimal functioning. He utilizes nutrition, Functional Medicine, and advanced integrative and holistic tools towards the goal of optimal functioning.

You may want to consider Dr. Tatum if you are intersested in:

  • Minimizing or exploring the alternatives to medication.
  • Understanding your psychological and emotional self.
  • Resolving old traumas or recurring maladaptive patterns.
  • Personal transformation and optimal functioning.
  • Improving your marriage, relationship, or parenting.
  • Exploring how optimizing your health may help you mentally and emotionally.
  • How biofeedback can help with stress and anxiety.
  • How brainwave biofeedback can treat ADHD, LD, anxiety, and depression.
  • How Tomatis Listening Training may help with auditory processing and speech.

2180 Park Ave. N.
Suite 326
Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: 407-644-3593